Vintage lover, mother, business owner and all round amazing human. Meet Charlotte Burt, Founder of The Goods We Found.

This week we sat down with Charlotte and discussed her inspiration behind her business, her journey into motherhood and the daily juggle of family and work life balance.

We hear you have a pretty special pregnancy story. Can you share this with us? 

Every year we go to Festival One. At the 2016 one I got introduced to a man, he was about 70 and on the leadership team. He shook my hand, introduced himself and then looked me straight in the eye and said a solid “congratulations''. It was so random I actually said out loud “for what?” as he wandered off. He didn't answer me but it was one of those hard to forget moments so I stored it. A little while later I found out I was pregnant with Boston. I thought about the congratulations and was like; imagine if he actually knew. It definitely felt like a little prophecy fulfilled. At the next festival, a year later I saw the man, he said hi Charlotte and that's about it. The next year (2019) I see him again and he comes in hot with a “Hi Charlotte, Congratulations” I blurted out, kinda cheekily “last time you said that I got pregnant soon after”. He chuckled a little heartwarming laugh, shrugged his shoulders and said “I don't know anything”. Then walks off. I secretly had a little glimmer of hope as we had been trying for Goldie for around a year. A week later I found out I had a lil Golds in my tum. One of my favourite little stories that could have just been coincidence but I love it. We went again this year to the Festival But I didn't see him as he was too sick to attend. (which also meant I was safeguarded from getting another congrats).  

You and your husband Harry have been together for a while, do you have any advice to anyone reading this in regards to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship whilst juggling life, family and a business?

Prioritise your relationship, make sure it comes first over everything. Find moments to spend time just the two of you, be vulnerable with each other, don't let the sun go down on your anger/any pressing issues - deal with them before they escalate. Do relationship counselling if you need it. It's so insightful and rewarding. Have fun together. When your relationship is on the same page and is good everything else should sort itself out easily enough. 

Who has been your biggest inspiration on your journey and why?

I don't have one inspiration! I just get it from everywhere. My biggest supporter is without a doubt Harry (my husband). He is always backing my idea's and helping me bring them to life.

Running a small business and juggling a family can be quite stressful, painful and extremely scary. But it can also be incredibly exciting and rewarding. Can you share any advice to someone wanting to start their own business and how to cope when things get tough?

My number one rule is family always comes first and is way more important than any venture I am working on. My first piece of advice to ensure this is; don't let your business become a part of your self worth/identity. If it becomes a part of your identity then when things feel like they are failing we get desperate to protect ourselves from looking like failures. That's when we can easily feel more stressed and put our businesses before our families and other important priorities. I understand it can be heart wrenching to see a business, idea or project not work out BUT always see failures as opportunities to learn and do things better next time. And know that if something doesn't happen in the timing you wanted it too, it doesn't mean the dream is over - it can still happen at the perfect time and generally your work will be even better. 

What inspired you to create The Goods We Found and how did you come up with the name? 

The Goods We Found was born from having too many amazing vintage pieces in our home. Being a stay at home mum I was looking for a creative outlet and it has just sort of evolved from there. The name kind of seemed obvious I guess, It just came to me as I was thinking about finding secondhand goods.

You recently released the Goods Guides, can you explain what that is and where the idea came from? 

The Good Guides came as the next transition when I got pregnant with Goldie. I felt too sick to go sourcing and found it hard to source locally for good vintage pieces by then too. The best vintage pieces meant roadtrips, hours on the road. I also forecasted that running this business with 2 little babes would be too full on while Harry was working. We figured out a way we could bring together our love for travel and be able to do it as a family. So we started doing travel collabs through The Goods We Found instagram page. We bought exposure to amazing air bnbs, local eateries and attractions in exchange for the stays etc. This also allowed for me to be sourcing out of Auckland. We decided very quickly that the best long term way to share the travel information we had was through travel guides. So voila, the guides were created and born. 

What advice would you have for someone who is wanting to create their own dream space at home? What type of furniture or items would you suggest they should start with?

Start with a key piece that you absolutely love. For our lounge it was our vintage peach leather lounge suite by designer Joe Rufenacht. Then start selecting other pieces that will compliment it.

Who are your favourite homewear or lifestyle Instagram accounts for inspiration? 











One item of clothing that everyone needs in their wardrobe and why? 

Vintage levis in a mom or boyfriend cut. So comfy, last forever and can be styled with so many different pieces.


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