Groover, Music lover and Style icon Sin Howard chats to us this week about her journey into becoming a host on George FM days and her love of music.

Photo by Vesha Ziolkowski

Can you explain your journey and how you got to where you are today? Was becoming a radio host always a career path you wanted to work towards?

Growing up on the coast, I was always known as a dancer. I thought that following that path to the stage would be my lifelong dream, and it totally was until I realised the reason I loved dancing so much wasn’t restricted to just the act of dancing itself, it was the feeling I felt when moving my body to great music. So, a failed attempt at my first career choice & a realisation of how in love with music I was, drove me to study Radio. I was wildly obsessed with George FM from an early age, it was just the sound we grew up listening to in our house. Saturday morning’s spent with Nice n Urlich and as I grew older my ‘wild’ Saturday nights spent dancing in dungeon like clubs to George FM DJs. My goal heading into Uni was to make it on air on George FM, it just made sense. While studying, I had my opportunity to get my foot in the door at George FM and for 2 years was their unpaid intern. The content director at the time was like “there’s not much for you to do” and I was like “ok” and came back every day. I learnt so much from the people around me and during my time as an intern my passion for music, and radio sky rocketed. My moment came for on air, and I grabbed it and ran. I love my job so much. 

Where did your love of music come from, Is it something you have always been passionate about?

It’s ALWAYS been music. I have so many amazing memories growing up as a child of me hunting, collecting, listening and forming opinions on music. I remember this one time, I must have been about 11, my dad and I sat up late one night and analysed this one record from a kiwi band called Pluto it was called Dance Stamina, we sat and listened to it like 5 times in a row and spoke of the elements we loved the most about it. Still such a banging record.. I would say I’ve always been a ‘selector’, I’ve always loved being the first to find a new track, and showing it off proudly to like minded people. Now being able to do that on the radio as well as on a dance floor is like the ultimate dream come true. 

Photo by Vesha Ziolkowski

What inspires your personal style and how would you describe it?

I am all over the place, I used to have alter egos to justify why I would wear pink oversized dresses & fruity sunglasses one day, and doc martens & chain black skirts the next. Then I just settled with the fact that I am an extrovert, and just love to be seen and heard especially through fashion.

Back in 2016 you started and ran The Factory Markets. How did this come about and is this something you might start up again in the future?
I’ve been a lover of thrifting since I was young, and would spend most weekends at the op shop, or rummaging through someones trunk of second hand clothes at markets. What started out as a weirdly successful garage sale at my dad's work factory with a couple of friends, really evolved into what the Factory Markets became in its prime. We just wanted to sell a bunch of our clothes and then people liked the vibe and wanted to sell their clothes too, not long after came the florist, the barber, the tattoo artist, the ceramic lady, the candle lady, the food vendors, the kids corner and in turn a overwhelming sense of joy and pride I feel even still today when I think back to what we as a community of creators constructed. I would love to start it back up again, but there are incredibly talented people holding down that avenue here in Auckland and I applaud them!

Do you have anything exciting you are currently working on you can share with us?

I’ve fallen in love with someone who gets just as excited about music as me so that’s something exciting - no but really he is a freakishly talented producer, and with his help he’s opened the doors for me to the world of producing music which I’ve had my heart set on forever and It's the coolest feeling ever.

How would you describe your music? 

Anything that gets you grooving. If you’re on my dance floor you will hear percussion, horns, a diva vocal and a cheeky baseline.

Presenting and performing in front of strangers must be quite rewarding but at times must be quite nerve racking, do you have any tips to anyone reading who may be hoping to grow their confidence in performing in front of people? 

You gotta believe in what you’re saying or doing, don’t just do it or say it. Completely become it. 

What are you listening to right now? 

Anything kiwi - because its currently NZ music month!

What has been some of your most treasured moments and highlights of your career?

On the radio I have moments that I treasure every damn day. I’ve only realised now just how much my listeners need me, and more so, how much I need them. Being nominated as best new broadcaster within my first year of being on air has to be a highlight. Something I’m really proud of is being able to hold back my tears as I was surprised in studio by Skrillex and having to carry out a full interview with him. As a DJ I had a 5 year goal of being booked to play the notorious ‘Homegrown’ festival. I ticked that off this year, but unfortunately due to COVID-19 its been pushed back to next year, but damn that’ll be a moment. A dance floor I'll never forget playing to is a party called “Morning People” in Auckland. It's a drug & alcohol free morning rave with the idea of sweating it out in a safe, non judgmental environment before work on a Wednesday morning. The energy and love on a morning people dance floor is second to none. All walks of life with one common denominator the best dance moves ever.

Performing can have its ups and downs, How do you combat self doubt? 

You will have moments where you’re like “well, I genuinely cannot mix to save myself”, and then you have moments where you walk off buzzing like “holy heck, I don't wanna leave this moment”. The highs and lows is what makes this job so thrilling. You are the only person in the world who can do what YOU do, believe that as you walk on stage & you become a total force.

Being on the road can really take its toll on you both physically and mentally, how do you manage to stay grounded and what is your go to routine when travelling?

eat. SLEEP. rave. repeat. Emphasis on sleep.

If you could give your younger self any advice based on everything you know now, what would it be?

Don’t put plans in place or pressure on yourself, roll with the punches, you’re about to have a whole load of fun.

Which element of work do you thrive off the most?

The connection you feel to people, on the radio and on the dance floor

What are three things that are inspiring you right now?

Jacinda Ardern, being in my 20’s and waking up feeling lucky to be alive

Do you have any gigs or shows coming up?

The industry is really struggling right now, it's scary & sad, with COVID-19 cancelling all gigs for the foreseeable future the schedule is looking pretty empty & sad. But I remain hopeful that we will reunite on a dance floor soon enough, and we will dance and shout and it will be like the biggest middle finger to COVID-19 ever.

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