Our Vision

Mia Sully was launched in May 2017 by New Zealand born, Melbourne based fashion designer Mia. With a focus on slow fashion Mia Sully’s considered design offers multifunctional wardrobe pieces that feel luxurious and comfortable. We are made for women who are conscious, confident and creators of their own journey.

At Mia Sully we are committed to ethical and environmentally sound practices; from the fabrics and manufacturers we work with to our packaging and the charities we support.

Mia Sully only uses natural fibres and donates or gifts the excess fabric to minimise waste. All pieces are currently hand made in our Melbourne studio. Garments are wrapped in tissue paper and shipped in eco friendly compostable packaging from Better Packaging Co. We support the One Tree Planted programme where one tree is planted for every garment sold, helping reduce our carbon footprint and give back to this beautiful planet we all call home.


As a designer I have always been inspired by the passionate women who surround me; my mother, my aunties, my friends. My grandmother and aunties are all seamstresses and over the years have passed on their skills and wisdom to me. My beautiful mother is an artist so I think growing up around a very large support network of strong and creative women has helped shape me into the designer I am today.
I like how Fashion makes me feel; how it’s an external expression of my emotions and I tend to gravitate towards garments that reflect my mood. Fashion is always presenting us with new problems and I love looking at ways I can sustainably improve my business whilst enjoying the journey it’s taking me on.
Thank you for supporting ethical, eco - conscious and handmade clothing.
Mia xx